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Borough of Bogota Municipal Court

Location: 215-217 Liberty Street, Little Ferry, NJ 07643
Phone: (201) 440-2111
Fax: (201) 440-4046
Business Hours: M – TH, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM & F, 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Court Schedule: Court sessions are held on Mondays at 3:00 PM
Court Administrator: Debbie Brothers
Judge: Hon. Giuseppe Randazzo
Court Code: 0204, B05

Bogota, New Jersey Municipal and Traffic Court Law Firm

Borough of Bogota Traffic LawyerA guilty plea or conviction to charges in Bogota Municipal Court can have serious repercussions. NJ municipal court matters have the potential to mar your driving abstract and criminal record. Penalties can result in increased insurance premiums, court fees and fines, probation, license suspension and even jail. Not all traffic and municipal court violations are minor, thus it is advisable to consult an experienced defense attorney to ensure that you aren’t placing your future in jeopardy.

Borough of Bogota Municipal Court

Bogota began conducting court sessions at the Little Ferry Municipal Court in 2013. The move addressed a number of issues experienced by the local court while it was located on Larch Ave. in Bogota Borough Council chambers. Bogota now pays the Borough of Little Ferry an annual fee to use its court personnel and facilities. Thus, if you have received a Bogota traffic summons or disorderly persons charge, your case will be handled in the Little Ferry municipal court.

This court handles a variety of traffic and disorderly persons charges.  Some common traffic matters involve DUI/DWI, driving while suspended, leaving the scene of an accident, careless driving, reckless driving, tailgating, improper passing, speeding and more. Criminal charges heard by the court include assault, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, theft, shoplifting and others.

About Our Firm

The Reinartz Law Firm represents people in NJ municipal court matters throughout Bergen County, including Bogota municipal court matters. We help to minimize the impact of the charges and are familiar with the local customs and procedures in this court. Every case is handled on an individual basis, with an eye towards resolving the case in a fashion that is in the client’ best interests. We advise clients every step of the way so that they can make informed decisions about their case. While many cases in municipal court are resolved by way of plea bargain, if necessary we are also prepared to go to trial on your behalf.

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If you are dealing with Bogota municipal court charges, call on our experience in municipal court defense work. We will fight for you at the Reinartz Law Firm. Call 201-289-8614 to discuss your case with a lawyer.