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Borough of Carlstadt Municipal Court

Location: 500 Madison Street, Carlstadt, NJ 07072    
Phone: (201) 438-4306
Fax: (201) 939-4648
Business Hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Court Schedule: Court sessions on the first Thursday of the month at 1:00 PM and on the third Thursday of the month at 2:00 PM
Court Administrator: Ilona Doviak
Prosecutor: Rosario Presti
Judge: Hon. George O. Savino
Court Code: 0205, B06

Borough of Carlstadt, New Jersey Municipal and Traffic Court Law Firm

borough-of-carlstadtIf you are a motorist dealing with a Carlstadt traffic violation, or a defendant dealing with a municipal court charge, the Reinartz Law Firm can help. Our attorneys are experienced in all facets of municipal court practice in Carlstadst and the surrounding Bergen County area. Convictions and guilty pleas in municipal court can result in hefty fines and hiked up insurance rates, not to mention license suspension/revocation and even jail time. These are all consequences you want to avoid. Our legal team, working from our Hackensack, Bergen County headquarters, is strategically positioned to represent clients in these matters.

Borough of Carlstadt Municipal Court

This court of limited jurisdiction largely hears matters involving alleged traffic violations (DUI/DWI, speeding, careless driving, reckless driving, improper passing, failure to report an accident, etc.), as well as disorderly persons cases for shoplifting, simple assault, theft, domestic violence and others. The court also hears matters involving alleged municipal code violations.

When in session, the court is presided over by a single municipal court judge.  Trials in this court are called “bench” trials, meaning that there is no jury, and the judge is both the finder of fact, in addition to the legal gatekeeper.

The Reinartz Law Firm Can Help

Our legal team handles municipal court matters on a regular basis. We understand that this is not a routine occurrence for you. But with our lawyers by your side, the experience will likely be far less onerous. We provide experienced legal representation for every client, no matter how trivial you may believe your case is initially. We will review the circumstances of your case and clearly explain the charges and potential consequences, so that you can make an informed decision about the best way to proceed. If you decide to fight your charges at trial, we are prepared to do so.

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If you have received a summons to appear in the Carlstadt Municipal Court, call 201-289-8614 for a free consultation with a lawyer. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.