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Commercial Traffic Ticket Lawyer

When your livelihood depends on you legally operating a commercial vehicle, traffic violations can be dangerous. A simple moving violation can place your career in peril. Whether you work as an interstate trucker or an in-state delivery driver, being cited for a moving violation can bring your income [...]

Driving Without Insurance

Driving without liability insurance in New Jersey is a serious offense that carries harsh penalties including possible license suspension, expensive fines and jail time for second and subsequent offenses. Additionally, if you are in an accident that wasn’t your fault, but you are found guilty of driving while uninsured, [...]

Disorderly Persons Offenses

A wide range of actions can result in the issuance of a disorderly persons offense in Bergen County, New Jersey. Fighting and cursing in public, an altercation with your neighbor, or a silly prank can result in a disorderly persons charge. Though not as serious as a Bergen County [...]

Hackensack Speeding Tickets Defense

So you received a speeding ticket and you figure you’ll just go online and pay or mail in a check. A word of caution – you may not want to be so hasty. The ticket fine is rarely the only cost involved. Points will be assessed against your [...]

Hackensack DUI / DWI Lawyer

A DUI is one of the most serious traffic violations that New Jersey municipal courts deal with. If you've been charged with DUI or refusal to submit to a breath test in Bergen County, NJ, you should consult with an experienced traffic lawyer to learn your rights and options. Our [...]