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Commercial Traffic Ticket Lawyer

CDL Defense LawyerWhen your livelihood depends on you legally operating a commercial vehicle, traffic violations can be dangerous. A simple moving violation can place your career in peril. Whether you work as an interstate trucker or an in-state delivery driver, being cited for a moving violation can bring your income to a halt. You may not be aware that being issued a traffic ticket even while driving a non-commercial vehicle may affect your Commercial Driver’s License (“CDL”). The New Jersey Motor Vehicle point system applies against your CDL regardless of what you were driving or when. Even if you don’t lose your CDL, a temporary suspension of your driving privileges could lead to termination of your driving position. Don’t risk these dire consequences. Contact an experienced NJ commercial traffic ticket attorney at the Reinartz Law Firm to fight your traffic ticket.

About Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDLs)

A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is required for drivers of commercial vehicles that are engaged in business purposes. In NJ, there are various classes of CDLs, each having its own set of regulations. CDL holders must operate within the parameters of the regulations for their class of CDL, or else they will be subject to punishment. Additionally, CDL holders are subject to punishment for routine traffic charges and moving violations, the same as a driver with a standard driver’s license.  However, penalties for CDL holders may be harsher penalties than those for standard license holders, who do not drive for a living.

How the Reinartz Law Firm Can Help

Our firm has a long history of representing drivers in municipal courts throughout Bergen County. We are in local traffic courts week in and week out, aggressively defending our clients against moving violations. We understand how these courts operate, and our team is equipped to deal with the charges that you face as a commercial driver. We know what is at stake, and we fight vigorously to keep your CDL intact. We have received national recognition as accomplished trial attorneys and we apply our skill and experience to each and every case. We review the circumstances of your case and design a defense strategy with your best interests in mind. If we are unable to obtain a dismissal or acquittal, we can often negotiate a plea bargain that works to your advantage and preserves your driving privileges.

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Your CDL is essential to your ability to earn a living. If you are facing a moving violation that puts your CDL in danger, call on the Reinartz Law Firm for knowledgeable legal representation. Call 201-289-8614 today for a free consultation and case evaluation.