Award Methodology

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Restrictions on Plea Bargaining in New Jersey DUI Matters

While plea bargaining in New Jersey municipal traffic court matters is permitted under the court rules, the NJ Supreme Court has expressly banned plea bargaining of any form in connection with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges. In this regard, the NJ Supreme Court “Guidelines for the Operation [...]

Moving Violations Committed During the Mandatory Probation Period

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission automatically places drivers on a Mandatory Probation Period after they complete the Driver Improvement Program or Probationary Driver Program, after a driver receives an official warning issued by MVC, or after a driver’s license is restored following a points or persistent violator [...]

Do I Have to Appear in Person in New Jersey Traffic Court?

Quite often, people who don’t live in New Jersey become involved in New Jersey Traffic Court matters. This can happen when an out-of-state resident receives a ticket while driving in New Jersey, or when a New Jersey resident gets a ticket and then later moves out-of-state. Failing to resolve [...]

Plea Bargaining In New Jersey Traffic Court

A plea bargain is agreement between the defendant and the prosecutor whereby the defendant pleads guilty to a reduced charge in exchange for some concession from the prosecutor. Ultimately, the judge presiding over the case must approve any plea deal reached between the defendant and the prosecutor. Plea [...]

Reckless Driving – A Common Companion Charge To DUI

Reckless Driving is perhaps the most common companion charge to DUI in New Jersey. Even where the driver’s conduct is relatively insignificant, police officers routinely include a reckless driving ticket during DUI stops. The theory behind this is that it is a “fallback” ticket that can subject a [...]